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Curators (left to right) Daisy-DREW SMITH, Lilly Foster-eardley & MILLY ABURROW

Spanning over two rooms in the ground floor exhibition space, at 44AD artspace, Bath UK. POTLUCK aimed to celebrate  the uncanny and unconscious. Inviting artists to express the dreamlike through a diverse range of mediums - from painting, sculpture, Installation and film. The exhibition sought to transport viewers into the mysterious and dreamlike space.  with 49  artists involved their artworks delved into the strange, beautiful and unconventional. Creating pieces that challenge the everyday, engaging the audience in a journey through the extraordinary.


Curated by recently graduated artists Milly Aburrow and Daisy-Drew Smith as well as a current student Lilly Foster-Eardley from Bath Spa University, we understand how opportunities can really aid a creatives practice and work - and we are obsessed with all the artists and filmmakers who were involved.

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