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Knot In My Stomach, Gummy Worm Round My Neck by Milly Aburrow.jpg

Milly Aburrow (b.2001, Chichester, UK) is a 2023 graduate of Bath Spa University, completing a BA in Fine Art (Hons). Through a playful colour palette and a comical stylisation, her work characterises the parameters of commercialisation, consumerist society, and particularly our contemporary food culture that defines a part of everyone's life. Depicted through mixed media sculpture (materials and techniques dependent on the subject) and installation, she explores food's social commentary, whether it associates with certain symbolisation, power, memory or societal acceptance. Aburrow’ was recipient of the 'Kenneth Armitage Young Sculpture Prize 2023' for her degree show installation 'Fill Me In' Sandwich Counter. Since she has exhibited in galleries across the UK, and is the graduate resident at 44AD Artspace, Bath, where she occupies her studio. 

Milly Aburrow’s uncanny sculptures and installations of the everyday encapsulates the correlation between connotations of food and its language. Exploring foods social commentary, whether it associates to certain symbolisation, power, memory or societal acceptance. For instance, the stereotypical parallels and relationship between the LGBTQ+ community and the plant based diet. Scrutinising whether food needs to identify with superfluous associations and the person who eats it. She fabricates artworks engrossed in the sphere of consumerism, equating and analysing the substances value both materialistically and nutritionally. The transformative, creation of a faux commercial space and mixed media sculptures, create posed connotations of irony with these notions and objects, challenging the overarching patriarchy of Western society and breaking down outdated stereotypes. 


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